About the company


Cab Solutions was founded on December 16, 2009 in England

       Due to the large number of people and visiting tourists in the United Kingdom, taxi services are in great demand. To keep up with the times we are constantly improving and developing in our segment of the business.
       The demand for our services is so great that we can hardly satisfy it, therefore we attract additional investments. The finances of our investors are spent on the modernization of our taxi fleet, which helps us save huge amounts of money, and as you know, the money saved is the money earned.
      By modernization is meant updating the taxi fleet with special cabs - electric cars. Our drivers work in shifts to ensure maximum profitability.
      It takes just over an hour to charge an electric car thanks to special Superfast Charging cables, which makes our cars simple to use, and the alternative fuel savings are just overwhelming.

1 liter of gasoline costs 1.26 pounds, which is equal to 109 rubles, for 2 shifts (day / night) two drivers drive an average of more than 800 km and spend about 90 liters of gasoline, which is equal to = 10 thousand rubles. 800 km on an electric car spend about 80 kW of electricity at a cost of 0.15 pence per kW, which is 1036 rubles.

       Our fleet has more than 400 cars that transport thousands of people every day across London and other cities. That is, 400 cars spend about 9,000,000 rubles per day only on gasoline, not to mention the depreciation costs and the cost of parts and services, if you use electric cars, the savings are simply colossal !!!